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Kate's Jewellery

Pre-loved to Re-loved Jewellery

Kate kept seeing old unfashionable jewellery on her trips to thrift and antique stores that had wonderful settings or great components and hit on the idea of upcycling them into more modern wearable pieces that you could wear every day and at a price you could afford to create your own collection for weekend wear, day wear and party wear.


Because she never quite knows what she'll find it's unlikely that items can be recreated so once they're gone, they're gone.


Using a mix of new findings , clasps, and cords along with patience and an eye for detail Kate creates jewellery for you to enjoy for another generation.

Click the image to go to Kate's Instagram page of upcycled jewellery. Stock in the shop will often only be a small selection of her total inventory.


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These are links to Kate's social pages and a contact form for email submissions.

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